Middle School Football Players Execute Life-Changing Play

This news report on a Michigan football team’s perfectly planned act of kindness for their teammate is a beautiful example of how generosity can affect the giver as well as the recipient.

Paying for People’s Drive Thru

Whether you’re a fast food junkie or a health nut, you won’t be able to help smiling at these young guys who start a generosity chain reaction by paying for the car behind them at the drive-through window.

Preschool Kindness

Ethan and Emily are two best friends who started giving back early — while still in preschool, they raised over $5000 for a local food bank. Priceless quote: “It feeled great!”

GOOD LOOK: Mentors for Students

The nonprofit program City Year combats the dropout crisis by recruiting 17- to 24-year-old volunteers to mentor upper elementary and middle school students for the full ten months of the school year.


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