Service is an Important Part of an Episcopal School Education

At the Episcopal School of Dallas, as part of their 100th day of school the kindergarten class collect supplies for St. Simon’s After School Program. The students bring 100 of each item such as scissors, pencils, erasers, and crayon boxes. On the hundredth day of school they use the supplies to count, play math games and enjoy the accomplishment of attending 100 days of school. Then, a member of the board of St. Simon’s School comes and speaks to the children and thanks them for their efforts.

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The Middle School students adopt a group of senior citizens from the West Dallas Multipurpose Center. Once a month, we invite 14 seniors to ESD for lunch. They always come to lunch and a group of students we call the “Senior Ambassadors” serve as their hosts and hostesses. They decorate lunch tables for them, serve their food and drinks, and escort them around the school. Following lunch, the seniors always attend a school event such as a school play, an English class where they listen to stories the children have written, or even a PE class where they participate in a walk-a-thon.

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