Birthday Gifts go to Good Cause

I would like to share with you what I did on my 10th birthday. My birthday is in September, and I really wanted to have a big swim party. I wanted to invite all of my fourth grade class plus other friends to swim, play games, hula hoop, limbo and dance with the DJ. I would invite 75 people.

My Mom and Dad said that this sounded like fun but that we should ask that nobody brings gifts because that was just too much, and I did not need any more things! I was really bummed. I like receiving birthday gifts! I wasn’t sure that I liked this idea, but I really wanted to have the swim party.

Then, my Mom and Dad had a suggestion. They would agree to have the swim party if I would think about having everybody bring an unwrapped toy to my party, and then I would give them to the kids staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas. I asked my Mom and Dad if that meant that I would not receive any gifts on my birthday. They told me that my family and best friends would give me gifts. This started to sound like a good idea.

So, we began planning my party. I was so excited. I put on the invitation to bring an unwrapped toy for the kids at the Ronald McDonald House.

The day of the party came. It was so fun to see all of the toys and games that my friends brought. They were for all ages.

I had the best time at my party and really felt good about what I had decided to do with the gifts. It was a hard decision for me, but after having so much fun at my party, I realized I had made the right decision.

About a week later, my Mom and Dad took me and all of the gifts to the Ronald McDonald House. They gave us a tour of the house. I met a little girl that was 3 years old who had just had open heart surgery. She was amazed at the carts of toys that I had brought to the house. There was a photographer there taking some pictures. He was so funny. He loaded me up with a ton a gifts and took a picture. I couldn’t believe how many toys I was giving to the Ronald McDonald House. They told me that these toys would be given to kids staying at the house on birthdays and special occasions or just to make them feel a little better. I felt so good about what I was doing.

My Mom volunteers a lot at the Ronald McDonald House. I can’t wait to help out at the Ronald McDonald House one day too! My birthday ended up making a difference in so many kids’ lives.

Abigail, Age 10

To learn more about the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas please visit,

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